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The Way Ahead (1962-66)

The first films were known as Wyvern News (Issues Nos. 1 to 6) and were dedicated to reporting affairs on the London Midland Region of British Railways. National News (Issues Nos. 7 to 10) covered the whole railway network. The series was filmed in mono but became an increasingly high burden on the film unit's resources.
These are the contents discovered thus far (courtesy of BFI Film database and Film User magazine):-

Wyvern News Issue No.1
1: Success Story - Bedford-St. Pancras line is big business.
2: Ernie Barber - interview in cab with Senior Instructor
3: Wrestling - interview with Alex Wishart.
4: Blood Test for Locos - testing oils
5: Just the Ticket - bus stop trains.

Wyvern News Issue No.2
1: Derby Builds for Underground - Derby carriage and wagon works.
2: Saxby Story (Freight Debate) - interview by Huw Thomas with Mr Saxby.
3: Something in the Air - testing for dangerous fumes.
4: Profile of a Railwayman - Bob MacMurdie.

Wyvern News Issue No.3
1: Freight Story - Companies with big accounts with B.R. e.g. Fisons, I.C.I.
2: Fighting 'Flu - giving vaccine to workers.
3: Anti Freeze - gas joint heaters.
4: Breakthrough - motor trials.
5: LDC Meeting.
6: Party Time.
7: Profile of Railwayman.

Wyvern News Issue No.4
1: The New Locomotives - review of new diesel engines.
2: Clerk of the Weather - Bill Sharpe, station master.
3: Feeling the Draught - tests to stop draughts in new goods sheds.
4: Auto-matic Barriers - at Marston, Bedford.
5: Coal Control - Notts.

Wyvern News Issue No.5
1: Design - BR design panels at Design Centre
2: BR v TV - match at Cricklewood football ground between railway team and tv all stars.
3: Electronic Memory - people learning to type.
4: Electrifying Progress.
5: BR Boxing Finals - at Seymour Hall.

Wyvern News Issue No.6
1: Rail Railers - 50 vehicles seen from air.
2: New Stations for Old - Euston station.
3: the Ladies - stories of 8 female BR employees.
4: Wear and Tear - testing PVC-covered nylon.
5: BR Ambulance Trials - Dublin No.3 v St. Pancras Goods.

National News Issue Nos.1-3 (Way Ahead Nos.7-9)
Topics unknown.

National News Issue No.4 (Way Ahead No.10)
Featured items on freight, workshops, computers and Miss Rail News 1965/66.
It was one of 150 films entered for the 1966 National Industrial Awards Competition (viewed 23rd & 24th May). It was entered into Category F (Films on management and manpower training, intended for industrial rather than general audience.)

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